Engorged with Milk

My boobs are really really full. They are so engorged with milk that they are starting to hurt. They don’t get this full often, especially when I have a little time by myself, so I set up the camera and started filming so you can see for yourself how engorged I am. I show you up close, how big and firm my tits are. I have so much milk in me that my breasts are firm and round, my areolas are puffy and lumpy, my veins are prominent and my nipples are perky and wet! This mommy really needs to relieve the pressure building in my chest, so I squeeze them together and let the milk drip out. The creamy liquid comes out in big drops quite fast. There is so much milk! I also squeeze each boob with my hands and squirt it out across the room. I get a couple of good streams coming out of each nipple! I continue to play with my tits and my nipples, squeezing and squirting milk out until I have released enough to stop the building burning pressure in my breasts from having so much milk.

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